Orgonite and Weather Control on OrgoNet

This blog is about everything that can be positively influenced by orgonite. The global world government, called also the New World Order (NWO) is trying to maintain his global control over the world, using weather terror, climaterrorism, weather control, weather manipulations, climatic weapons, tectonic weapons, chemtrails, HAARP, manmade diseases (AIDS, swine flu etc.), biological and chemical weapons, mind control, fake terrorist attacs, fake natural disasters, etc.

Orgonite is a very powerful device. It is a very simple mixture of organic resin, crystals and metal shavings. Everybody can do it. Small pieces of orgonite placed anywhere can protect people from manmade weather terror, such as flash floods, extreme storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Death towers (="mobile phone towers") emitting deadly radiation become sources of life energy with a little piece of orgonite.

In the whole world, there exists a non-organized movement of people making and "gifting" orgonite. Everybody can join it. Even if the end of the NWO Empire is coming near with the change of human consciousness, our planet and people will benefit from orgone - the life energy produced by orgonite.

For more in English, "google" for orgonite, there a lot of information and experience on the net ....