13. ledna 2010

US Navy testovala "zbraň" 35 mil od Haiti

Na Twitteru se množí zprávy, že: 

"Americké loďstvo testovalo 40 minut před zemětřesením zbraň 35 mil od Haiti."

"Zemětřesení způsobila naše vláda."
Vláda USA zajisté měla dobré důvody způsobit zemětřesení na Haiti, jak udává následující článeček, zatím anglicky, snad přeložím.

Na Haiti prý nikdy nebylo zemětřesení...


'US navy tested a WEAPON 35 miles off the coast 40 minutes before the earthquake.'

At 10:52 pm on Tuesday 12th January 2010 it was reported to us that the consequences of non-compliance with completion and closure of the Settlements payments by the end of this week may be dramatic. We have been advised what the consequences may be but we choose at this juncture to refrain from revealing what we have been told. It's too sensitive.

• At 1:05 am UK time on Wednesday 13th January 2010, it was reported to us that at 6:37 pm EST, the NBC Brian Williams Show had reported an earthquake measuring 7:0 on the Richter Scale at Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This location serves as a main junction box to undersea transmission cables from the United States mainly to Latin America and African destinations, although some cables go through Port-au-Prince to Europe, we understand.

This was an operation put together under criminal President Clinton, after CIA-instigated instability had resulted in the departure of the Haitian ruler du jour, enabling ‘peacemaker’ Jimmy Carter to be parachuted in to ‘patch things up’ – under cover of which operation the transmission cables and junction box system was installed for Latin American money transfers. It has long been reported to us, and we have publicised this information in our journal The Latin American Times, that Haiti is a key staging point for drug shipments, and represents an operation ‘handled’ by Al Gore.

• Florida-based sources informed us in the early morning of Wednesday 13th January 2010 that earthquakes have not, in their long experience, previously been reported from Haiti. Furthermore, such a strong earthquake would have been felt and registered in the United States itself. The initial impression following this report was that an induced earthquake centred on Port-au-Prince might have been intended to disrupt mandated Settlements payments this week. While discussing this matter with the Florida parties, the Editor’s line was disconnected.

•On further consideration, however, US sources advised the Editor at about 1:15 am UK time on Wednesday 13th January 2010 that it was rather more likely that if this was an induced ‘earthquake incident’, its purpose would have been to PREVENT the stealing and diversion of the Settlement transfers to corrupt recipient central banks and institutions in Latin America (and Africa, such as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe). In other words, the ‘incident’ was aimed at ensuring that the monies were not stolen and diverted while in transit through Haiti (which is what has been happening, and why this god-forsaken location was set up for the purpose).

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  1. "...earthquakes have not...previously been reported from Haiti..."
    To je sranda.. A na obrazku, ktery zde na zacatku clanku uvadite, je jasne videt, ze jenom na tomto ostrove (pravda, z hlediska statu je to Dom.Rep. a nikoliv Haiti.. nicmene STEJNY ostrov) je to jiz 3. zemetreseni za necelych 100 let. A v regionu (Karibik) je to za 100 let minimalne 7.zemetreseni... Pry "zbran". Nenechte se vysmat, soudruzi!

  2. Upřesnění: nebylo tam několik set let.

  3. Upřesnění: naposledy tam bylo zemětřesení v r. 1860,předtím tak po sto letech.

  4. Vás občas nebolí hlava?? ¨ Ne-Stále jenom nepravidelně!

  5. malé zemětřesení v Dominikánské republice bylo myslím v lednu 2002, bylo o síle asi 4.6-4,7, v Puerto Plata spadla budova banky, nějaké budovy byly poškozeny, ale žádné lidské životy. Vím to proto, že můj manžel tam v té době byl a zažil to.


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